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I know that I'm old,
I'm reminded each day.
My memory is fading,
And my body's in pain.

I know I need help,
But I'm too scared to ask.
I'm scared you'll discover all that I lack.

I was always so sharp, so strong, and so "cool"…
I took on the world…I took care of you.
Where is that person?...I wish that I knew.
My future, my life…I must now trust to you.

So, please be gentle, please be kind…
Needing help at this age, I did not have in mind.
But, I know it's time now to accept your help.
I know your intentions are indeed heartfelt.

It won't be easy…perhaps harder each day,
So, love and respect must guide your way.
You'll do fine, as long as you know,
I'm still a person….I'm not just old.

Nancy Tuzzolino

Senior Care Manager, Nancy Tuzzolino, and her dad

Nancy Tuzzolino with her dad, Anthony

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Are you concerned about your parent's ability to manage their daily living needs?

Has a recent health crisis with your parent sent their life and yours into a tailspin?

Are you struggling with how to best help your parent and where to find the right resources for their needs?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it's time to call us.

Nancy Tuzzolino, Senior Care Manager, Can Help You with Your Parent

The scenario is all too familiar. Your mom landed in the hospital because she fell. Up until now, your mom has been living on her own, but you've noticed during recent visits that she is having trouble with her memory and doesn't seem to have as much energy as she used to. You live over two hours away, so you can't provide the support mom needs on a daily basis, and you're under the gun to find at-home care when she is discharged from the hospital two days from now.

Does this story sound familiar? It should. Today, about one in four families is providing care in one form or another for an aging parent. More than likely, family members are not prepared for the challenges involved with planning and caring for their loved one. They are often thrust into the role of senior care manager and/or caregiver as the result of a crisis, increasing the anxiety of an already stressful situation.

Where can you turn for help? Senior Care Managers (also referred to as Geriatric Care Managers) are professionals who assist families in dealing with the problems and challenges associated with caring for older adults. Senior Care Managers are well versed in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of senior care. They can help stressed family members come up with an effective Care Plan that will provide for your aging loved one's needs.

Senior Care Managers can be a vital part of any care team. They can save you time, money and stress. Ultimately, and most importantly, they can help provide a higher level of care for your loved one, whether they require at-home care or an assisted living arrangement.

Contact Nancy Tuzzolino, Senior Care Manager, for a FREE consultation: Call 312-953-3336 or email ntuzz2@aol.com.